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July 12, 2011

Restaurant Review : Marco's Pizza in Dent

Guys. I did the unthinkable. I reviewed a restaurant without photos. It feels like I've committed a horrific crime. I hope they don't lock me up in some kind of blogger jail. I hate hate hate when restaurant reviews don't have pictures. People wanna see the food! Not just read the words I write about it. So I apologize ahead of time. But I have a good excuse at least. I had planned on taking pics at least, does that count? I just accidentally left that camera on my coffee table so it didn't make its way into my purse. 

So I'm gonna need you guys to put on your thinking caps for me on this one. Can you do that? Use a little of your imaginations? Visualize everything I am about to tell you. Ok ready? Go.

I love trying new places that I would otherwise never try. This pizza place is definitely one of them. And thanks to Livingsocial, I was able to do that for half off! It is in the Dent area near Rybolt Road off of Harrison Avenue. We of course would have loved to have it delivered, but they don't deliver to our area which is understandable because it is does seem quite out of the delivery area. And it would be too far to pick up and take back home, so we decided to do a very cheap date night and dine in at Marco's Pizza. I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty difficult to find. We were coming from Harrison and found that we couldn't turn left where the gps told us to, due to construction. So we had to keep driving, turn around, and then luckily saw a detour which eventually led us around to the strip area where Marco's was located. 

We hadn't known if this place was more like a fancy dine-in pizza place like Larosa's, or more of a delivery/take-out place like Papa John's. When we pulled up we immediately knew by the appearance that it was just more of a delivery/take-out pizza joint. They do have a few tables for seating, but it is a very small space overrall and there aren't waitresses and such to serve you. You just order at the desk and the cashier does bring it to you if you are eating in but it's definitely not a dining in kind of restaurant.

They do have online ordering from their website, which is always a plus. But since I would have to dine in whenever eating here, that doesn't really help me much lol. But I am here to help you guys too, so I hope that info can help someone else at least!

The cashier was nice, but while eating we did hear some conversations between the cashier and cooks... something about percocets... we weren't trying to listen, they were just kind of loud. I wouldn't really call that professional, to be talking loudly about pills while customers are dining, but it happens I guess. There is no real decor, the counters were basically bare besides one small canister of napkins. There were no decorations really. It really was just like a Papa John's or Dominoes on the inside. They also had fleas flying around the tables, so that was a bit of a turnoff. But I imagine they just come in every time the door opens and a customer enters. The tables could have used a little more of a scrub too, but again, it wasn't like I had high expectations. 

Now on to the food... The pizza was tasty. We ordered a medium thin pepperoni pizza, and the crust was nice and crispy. The food came out fresh and hot since we dined in, which is hard to come by with delivered pizza sometimes. We also ordered a steak, cheese, and mushroom sub to share and it was actually better than we expected. Of course not the best grade of steak, but overall we were pleasantly surprised. I loved the crispy toasted bread the sub was served on. We also ordered a 2 liter of Mt. Dew to split since it was cheaper than getting separate drinks. The highlight of the meal was the CinnaSquares. They are just what they sound like... little squares of cinnamon bread topped with a sweet delicious icing. I really like Domino's cinnasticks, and these blew them out of the water! They really tasted as good as a Cinnabun from the mall, minus the hefty price! Oh, and the buttery drippings on the bottom of the box was perfect for dipping. Every bite melted in my mouth. I seriously would go back to Marco's just for the CinnaSquares! We had a $20 Livingsocial deal, and I had already paid for it, so we only had a leftover balance of a couple dollars. We stocked up on food to try to make sure we got our full money's worth. So we got all of that for like $21 total, which seems like alot of food to me in comparison to Larosa's prices. 

And since there are no pictures, this post is finished! Check out Marco's Pizza if you are in the area, but you'll probably wanna get it delivered or do carryout cuz the dining in experience isn't anything special. Good luck finding it! Oh I will be back for those CinnaSquares :)

Peace, and bacon grease!

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Chris said...

I'm sorry, did you say something? I'm bombed out on percocets... ;)

Jocelyn said...

hhhmmmm we have a Marco's near us and we have never tried it...maybe it is time we did:-)

Unknown said...

We are totally obsessed with this place. They deliver quick and are really nice, and note that pizza delivery is hard to come by in Dent. It's always delivered hot. Their WINGS ARE RIDICULOUS! I now compare all other wings to Marcos wings. When you go in, the place is immaculately clean and everyone is nice. Best pizza in the area. My sister in law says it tastes like shore pizza. She is right. Delish!

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