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July 20, 2011

Restaurant Review : Bruegger's Bagels

Ok so this isn't really a restaurant, but I just had to share with you how much I love Bruegger's Bagels! I wish there was one closer to me. The closest one is Clifton, but this particular time I stopped at the one in Kenwood/Blue Ash after dropping PJ off at work.

They offer an assortment of breakfast sandwiches, as well as lunch items like paninis, sandwiches, soups and salads. But you wanna know what keeps calling me back to Bruegger's? 

This beauty....

Yes, this is my beloved Rosemary and Olive Oil bagel. Oh this bagel, this bagel. I love it toasted, with butter and a little cream cheese. I was surprised at how much I loved the rosemary flavor in this. I never get tired of this bagel.

And now I keep wanting to go back because of this...

Yes, their cheddar pesto bagel. But hurry now, because this kind is only available for a limited time! And believe me, it is totally worth it.

Oh, and while I was there I couldn't pass up on some bacon scallion cream cheese. Because everything is better with bacon.

And if you sign up for their emails then you get a free bagel with cream cheese. So how bout you guys check out their website, and see where there is one close to you! I can't comment on their sandwiches or soup, but I can vouch that these two bagels are the bomb.

Peace, and 'bacon scallion' grease :)

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Amy J. and Tiffanie A. said...

Oh my YUMMY I need a bagel now!

The Better Baker said...

I love bagels too - they're so satisfying...and comforting too. Your pictures are awesome...I could just take a bite out of my screen...=)

Sarah - The Home Cook said...

Desi - I sent you an email about the recipe swaps on my blog but haven't heard back. Can you email me at tasteofhomecooking at gmail dot com? I'd love for you to participate. :)

Faith said...

finally a place that i know about!!

i love Brueggers! awesome bagels!!! i love their salmon cream cheese, so delish!!!

laxsupermom said...

Everytime I'm back in Rochester, I have to stop at a Brueggers! Just like Faith, I'm addicted to their salmon cream cheese. I wish there was one in Binghamton. I haven't tried the bacon scallion, but will have to next time. Thanks for sharing.

FoodHussy said...

the bacon scallion is to-die-for! my favorite!

Katie said...

I love brueggers, but there are none around really anymore. I worked there when I was in high school and never got tired of bagels...even though I ate them all of the time!

Unknown said...

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