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April 22, 2011

Restaurant Review : Dusmesh in Clifton

I am officially an Indian food lover! This coming from a girl who cringed at the thought of anything curry-related. Well I was forced by my coworkers to broaden my narrow-minded horizons and venture out to try some fine cuisine from an Indian restaurant called Dusmesh. I agreed, hesitantly, but thought about my blog and how I needed to try new foods. So we took a longer lunch and headed there. It is located across from Cincinnati State, on Ludlow in Clifton (some say Northside), in a building that looks like a house. 

Enter and you will see a cozy setup with some booths in the front area near the buffet, as well as a larger dining section in the back area for larger groups. See for yourself. (note: these photos were taken in dim light with a camera phone!)

dining area in the back


They offer a buffet with many delicious options during lunch time, even on the weekends! This is definitely the way to go for me personally, and I think for any newbie, so that I can try a variety of Indian dishes that I would otherwise never have tried. They have some great options, I was satisfied with everything I tried!

This is the plate of deliciousness I ate my very first time there. Everything on that plate is deLISH! Who doesn't like some warm, buttery garlicy naan bread? The mushroom matar was nice, with a pleasant sauce, some peas, and plump mushrooms. I love mushrooms, have you noticed? I also enjoyed the eggs, they were a bit spicy. I could eat those for breakfast very often! Um, love those vegetable pakoras! I didn't expect to like them... heck they are just fried clumps of vegetables. But man did I love em! My absolute favorite dishes from the day were the saag paneer and chicken tikka masala. The saag paneer is a hot spinach and cheese mixture, that I served over some white rice. The chicken tikka masala is so creamy with a great flavor and goes well with white rice or naan bread.


And yes I did go back for more!

PJ swore, like me, that he didn't like Indian food. I persistently asked him to just trust me. For months I would ask him to meet me for lunch there, and he kept putting it off. Finally, when I found out that the lunch buffet was also offered on the weekend, I made him go with me! There was no getting out of it! Though he teasingly complained how the food was crap and he hated the place, over and over throughout the meal, he kept going back for more and more and finished off each of his plates! With a huge smile on his face he joked with me that he would never come back here. He loves to kid me, that one.

Translation: I proved him wrong! Indian food is the bomb! Now he finally can agree with me and not just take my word for it. We are indeed curry lovers.

You can even get a carryout container of food from the buffet during lunch time. They charge you by the weight of your to-go container. Believe me, I have also done this option. But it's not as fun because you can't go back up for seconds!

Now granted I haven't been to Ambar or any other happenin Indian restaurant in Cincy yet, but I'm still gonna say this is the best! Ha! I've read amazing reviews from other people too, so it's not just me. And I did stop in Ambar one day for lunch, but they didn't offer a buffet. That's a no no.

Aw, Dusmesh. Yes, the name sounds like some kind of webbed vaginal irrigation device. (Is that how you say it, Douche-mesh?). And yes, it is spelled Dusmesh on their restaurant, and Dushmesh on their van. But who cares? I don't think I have to worry about there being another Dusmesh out there with which I could get it confused.

Take a long lunch and go there! You won't be sorry.

Peace, and bacon grease!

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Faith said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE Indian food! so yummy! i truly miss the Indian restaurant spot i use to frequent in NYC ... i haven't found any that compare where i am living now! :(

Desi said...

That stinks that you haven't found another great Indian place near you :( Booo! I hope you do soon!