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April 25, 2011

Menu Planning - Week of 4/25/11

Did everyone have a nice Easter? I did! Besides the yucky weather, that is. But I did enjoy a great meal and time with family. 

Gotta keep this one extremely short today - straight to the menu plan!

Monday 4/25/11:  Probably City BBQ, double point Mondays!

Tuesday 4/26/11:  Zuppa Toscana

Wednesday 4/27/11:  Taco Lasagna
Thursday 4/28/11:  BBQ Shepherd's Pie

Linking up to Menu Plan Monday and Marvelous Menu

Sorry to keep it so short today, guys! Life calls!

Peace, and bacon grease! 


Faith said...

i always love your meal planning list. you have so many recipes! i have to work on mine!

Cassie said...

You are going to LOVE our taquitos. They're one of my favorite meals! Be sure you make the dressing to dip them in -- it's delish!

Desi said...

@ Faith - I just wish that I stuck to them more often! I usually stray from my plan but so far so good this week, we did eat at City BBQ last night, which isn't really planning a menu it's just planning to eat out lol!

@ Cassie - I didn't even know you made these too! I saw these over at Our Best Bites, I can't wait to make them with that sauce! So glad to hear you also like and recommend them :) P.S. When I went to your post about these taquitos I noticed you wrote that post on my anniversary... I liked clicking on it and seeing May 12 :)