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June 11, 2014

Obsessions + Confessions

Hey you!

I love love love writing these obsessions + confessions posts. No photo editing or finding the right words to say about a recipe or restaurant. It's all about what I'm currently loving and stuff that's going on in my life (though hardly exciting), and if I can't find time to edit photos, I can always find time to share my current obsessions + confessions.

SUMMMMMMMMMMMMER!!!!!! .... is almost here. But pretty much, right? The weather has been amazing (except for this week, yucky rain!) and I've been grilling up a storm. I've got a whole summer bucket list going on (think festivals, grilling, farmers markets, vacations, kayaking, s'mores-making, and more). I love bucket lists, what can I say?? Really just lists in general. I have so many lists in my life right now. With hardly anything crossed off  :) I can seriously make a list for anything. Dare me. Anyways, on to my obsessions + confessions. 

I can't even! Ice cream cone-shaped s'mores!

Homemade Strawberries & Creme Frappuccino, you know, like from Starbucks. I'm so happy I found you. 

Like I said, summer is upon us!! Whole Fruit Popsicles!

Can I have this Grilled Lobster with Sriracha Butter everyday this summer??

To go with all those grilled sliders? How about some Everything Slider Buns

Annnnd since it's basically summer, of course I'm dreaming of beaches and islands. Ok this Hawaiian Hula Pork Fajitas with Pineapple Slaw + Coconut Rice is close enough.

I love Amy Schumer

This girl's got moves. Chunky adorable cuteness!

RIP to the great, inspiration, powerful Maya Angelou. She was always such a role model for me, I loved writing and poetry growing up. I cherish some of her books and quotes to this day. 

And since I'm on the topic of poetry - this touched my soul.

Ok one more soul-touching moment. Inspirational, real, poignant, tear-jerking. (Disclaimer: I do cry at the drop of a dime though). Speeches like this should happen more often at graduations, maybe teens will listen!

What else have I been up to, you ask? Well, the usual. Work, internship, and FOOD. Like these cupcakes I've been eating from Gigi's Cupcakes

I'm also trying to plan a FOODIE VACATION!! I love the beach, but I always want to try so many restaurants around the country, so this summer we're going to hit up some places I've heard about that I want to try! We're going to stop at a restaurant in Tennessee, and then another in Atlanta. Then we'll probably see a few touristy places, stay in a hotel in Atlanta, and then be on our way back home. Any hotels, restaurants, bakeries etc you recommend? We'll be staying either near the Decatur, downtown Atlanta, or Buckhead area. 

Well that's all for now. Recipes and restaurant reviews coming soon!

Peace, and bacon grease!

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