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August 26, 2013

Obsessions + Confessions

I haven't done much of these posts this month and I dunno why because I have a bajillion links saved up for the sole purpose of these posts. Well back to my obsessions + confessions of the month!

Keep these lunch ideas in mind for back to school ease.

And for the teacher in your life... these adorable teacher gifts

Leopard is my thing.

So intimidated by the mere thought of making these glorious macarons

More macaron intimidation.

I'm not Brazilian but I KNOW this is good stuff

Can't get anymore summer than this

Need to get my peach fix before summer's over!

A healthy rainbow.

Not helping my "diet".

Melty ooey ice cream goodness.

Fancy schmancy hot dogs

Black pepper in popsicles?? Who knew?!? 

Are you kidding me???

Vegetarian goodness

What the what? I'm a buffalo+blue cheese freak!!!

Let's get chocolate wasted.

Speaking of cakes, is that frosting technique not the best?

This quote. Kinda life-changing.  

Love this perfect blend of edgy and soft. She is rockin that outfit. 

Can my fiancee be more handy so he can make me this gorgeous kitchen island? Oh, to dream.

This DIY makeup table makes me wish I was more into mkaing my face all pretty. Apparently I've reached the point of not caring :) 

I start back to school today! Well technically I started Saturday. It just seems wrong for the first day of classes to be on a Saturday. My niece is starting as a freshman at Xavier too! I'm so excited to have her there with me and to watch her grow into more of an adult and live the college experience.  


Oh, and I start at my practicum site this Thursday! Things are bout to get real! I'll be counseling actual clients. I just don't feel ready! Hope I don't mess anyone up :)

Whoa there's a ton of links in this post that I'm obsessin over. Confession: I spend way too much time on the internet.

Peace, and bacon grease!


Chris said...

I'm currently obsessed with
-buffalo chicken sandwiches
-my new pulled pork queso dip, FABULOUS
-bbq competitions
-Nigella (not Nutella, lol)

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