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June 19, 2013

Obsessions + Confessions

Ok, this is a very random post about some random things going on in my life and current things I'm obsessing over. I just may make this a regular occurrence on the blog :)

Anyone watching the new sleazy chick flick tv show Mistresses? Um, obsessed. I just love Yunjin Kim from Lost. And Alyssa Milano and Rochelle Aytes are compelling too. I usually despise all things related to cheating and mistresses, but it puts a more personal and relatable spin on such a shamed topic. This show is like my guilty pleasure. Ok, one of many guilty pleasures

I came across this new local cupcake business, Sweet Release Cupcakes, and am about to order so many and so often that she's gonna know me by name. French Toast Bacon, Hot Toddy, Strawberry Champagne, Butter Pecan ... can I have like 2, or 12, of each?

Sushi. My God how did I live without you? Tonight is half price sushi at Ember's. One of these days I'm going to update that review with food from more current visits. Hello california roll and kobe beef roll. Oh, and crab and shrimp stuffed avocados. They do food right.

Everyday I say I'm going to work out. Yesterday I was going to play basketball with PJ after work. We laid on the couch and slept for 4 hours instead. Fail.

What's up with these? I can't decide how I feel about them.

Cutest animal ever. I wonder if they make good pets?



And more want

Summer is upon us.

Potatoes can heal my tummy aches? This may be the best news of my day.

Scratch that, this is definitely the best news of my week!

I'll be here in a few weeks. It couldn't come sooner! Free hot breakfast + complimentary reception/drinks + the beach every day. Now that's my idea of a vacation.

Peace, and bacon grease!