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Please excuse the lack of photos in some of my older posts as I am trying to slowly go back through and add the photos that were accidentally deleted

July 25, 2012

Some Stuff

Hi there.

Did you guys notice anything different? Yep, I put up a new header and navbar. I'm enjoying it better and liking not having to see my giant face everytime I come to my blog lol. I'll just move that photo to the 'about me' section I'm drafting up (late, I know!). You can click on the words on the navbar to get to that link. I hope you guys enjoy the newer look.

Oh, now on to the real reason that drove me to post this tonight... 

I messed up and accidentally deleted some photos from my Picasa web album, cuz a message popped up telling me I had reached my photo limit and that everytime I uploaded a photo to Blogger, it saved it in Picasa web album... or something like that which I wasn't aware of. So I never knew I had this photo storage limit! The worst part is that I accidentally pressed the delete button too soon before I read the part about it deleting the photos from my blog too. And when I realized that is what it said it was too late. I've googled and everything pretty much says that I'm out of luck and will have to re-upload all the photos myself, if I even have them! Um, I already know I don't have all of them.

I may be screwed.

So if you're looking at some posts and the photos aren't there, I'm working to re-upload them. This could take awhile, depending on how many were deleted. I'm guessing I have to go into each post and see if the photos are there or not. If anyone knows an easier, better solution... please, do tell!

And for the ones where I don't have the photos anymore because they were on my old computer and so long ago, I guess I'll just have to leave them be, or delete them altogether if they aren't even worth it. Maybe I can go dig up some old memory cards.

Does anyone have any advice with this or has it happened to any of you? And what would be the best solution for the future? 

Anyone? Anyone?  :)

Update: Ok I found many of the photos on very old memory cards at least. Good thing I save em! But there are some that I still don't see. It's looking better than I thought and could be much worse, right? I've got the sidebar back to normal, and some of the older posts but still have like a month and a half worth of posts to update again. Boy are those old photos rough! It's funny to go back and see the photos I took before. 

But if anyone does still have any advice on an easier way to do this, let me know. Thanks!

Night night.

Peace, and bacon grease!


Angie's Recipes said...

I accidentally deleted a few photos from Picasa, and noticed that they couldn't be redone. Since there were just a few, so I uploaded them again. Like what I said, just a it's easier. It would be a pain on the neck if you need to re-upload a few hundreds. Have you tried asking it on google help group?

Desi said...

@ Angie's Recipes - I didn't post the question on there, maybe I should. It's worth a try! But I'm currently going back and looking thru old memory cards. This could take awhile! Oh well, it could be worse :) Sorry it happened to you too!

Faith said...

Sorry about the pictures but the new header looks awesome!! I just want to eat it'

Chris said...

Usually it is a size limit, not just # of pictures. For that reason, I resize all of my online blog photos to a 72 or 96 dots per inch resolution since Windows monitors can't reproduce anything greater than 72 and Mac's 96. That alone will save you 90% or more in photo size.

Veronica Miller said...

Aww, I loved seeing your face every time but that's OK I love the new look too. :) And I love the navbar!!