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December 4, 2011

Restaurant Review : Johnny Rockets in Kenwood

Remember Johnny Rockets? I do, from like 1998. For reals, the last time I had eaten there, I was probably 13, maybe younger. All I remembered was over-priced, mediocre food at Tri-County mall back when I was a teen. I truthfully didn't even know they still existed! But my friend and I were shopping at Kenwood mall and she mentioned eating at Johnny Rockets across the street on Montgomery Road, so I decided to give it another chance and see if it had improved over the 13 years I had refused it.

I went in expecting a pricy menu full of diner food, so it wasn't too much of a shock when I saw that my burger didn't come with fries and that sides were indeed a la carte. Oh well, I was ready for it. I contemplated ordering the sweet potato fries which looked delightful, but were definitely over-priced, I think like $4 something as opposed to $2.79 for regular fries.

Many of the burgers sound intriguing, but I opted for the Route 66 Burger ($7.49), which is a patty topped with grilled mushrooms and onions, mayo, and melted, oozing swiss cheese. The burger was tender and juicy. I added a bit of salt to the burger meat which added more flavor. I was impressed by the burger. Not the best I've ever had, but tasty. Better than I was expecting, I should say.

Though the sides were a la carte, I ordered a side of fries ($2.79) as well. I expected them to come out at the same time as my burger, but they came out as an appetizer, which I didn't really like. I want to eat my fries with my burger, and therefore I want them to come out fresh with my burger. By the time the burgers came out, we were half way finished with the fries, which were a bit undercooked and not as crispy as I'd like, and therefore also not very hot by the time the burgers arrived. They did come out in an adorable metal "frying" container. I wish I had one of those props for my food photography. So old-school diner-like. I liked that presentation. Of course I always find myself surveying all kinds of food props ever since I became a blogger.

Marcey ordered a Double Decker Grilled Cheese which she also enjoyed. Looks good and cheesy. The key to a good grilled cheese is melted, oozing cheese... not caked, hardened cheese. Looks oozy enough.

For the fries, they bring out some cups and draw lil faces made out of ketchup in your cups. I didn't really like it... neither did Marcey. A bit creepy, or am I just strange?

On to the service.... I didn't like the service at this particular location at this particular time. My friend had been waiting at the booth for maybe 5 minutes before I arrived, and as soon as I got there the waiter was asking me what I wanted. I needed time to settle in, look at the menu, and even chat with my girl a bit. He came back quickly again, asking if I was ready, and again I wasn't. I felt like I was being rushed a bit. I understand wanting to get customers in and out, but aren't people allowed to chat a bit while dining these days without feeling pressured?

I'm sure we'll be back since there aren't many cheaper options while shopping in Kenwood, though this place certainly isn't cheap for a burger/diner joint. I'd love to try one of their milkshakes and some more of those burgers, as well as those over-priced sweet potato fries. Maybe one day I'll fork out the money to try them, and maybe share them with someone.

Peace, and bacon grease!

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andersa9 said...

I've always thought the place was overpriced -- but I like the cheesy diner style. I think if a restaurant is going to have a major theme incorporated, they need to go ALL out. Many of the johnny rockets, in my opinion, have turned into dirty places with employees who don't fit the character. It needs to be run more like Disney, where waiters and waitresses are in character as a 50's themed diner!

Chris said...

I've never eaten at a Johnny Rockets, I don't think I've ever seen one. The ketchup faces isn't creepy...unless the eyes follow you.

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