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November 2, 2011

Restaurant Review: Sammy's Gourmet Burgers & Beers in Blue Ash

Awhile back I had purchased a $20 Cincinnati Daily Deal to Sammy's Gourmet Burgers & Beers and just recently I had the pleasure of dining there using my deal. If you love trying new restaurants, I strongly suggest signing up for emails from sites like Groupon, LivingSocial, and local sites offering deals in your area. It's a great way to try new restaurants you normally wouldn't, for half the price! I do it often, ok maybe a little too much. But it's always worth it.

The perfect opportunity arose to go to Sammy's in Blue Ash because I had to pick up PJ from work and it's very close to Sammy's. We stopped by on a Saturday afternoon and it was packed with a large boisterous crowd, I think a St. Ursula group. We were concerned because it seemed so busy and the space was so small, and we were close to leaving, especially when we saw a "no coupons on Saturday" sign on the door. But someone from the large crowd told us not to worry, that they were leaving... good timing. Then one of the employees (possibly the manager, he appeared very busy and to be the person "in charge") told us we could use our deal cuz it was more like a gift certificate than a coupon. So we hung out, waited for them to clean up the area and make space for us. We waited like 10 minutes or so and were thinking about leaving but figured we might as well stay cuz we'd have to come back anyway and we were already here.

Finally, we were seated in one of their booths. We didn't like how there was one entrance/exit (from what we could see). It just didn't seem like much space to stand while waiting for the table. We were happy to finally be seated. Once we were seated at our booth, we noticed that it was blocking an exit to the patio area. PJ instantly commented... he didn't like that the exit was blocked and viewed it as a fire hazard. I personally didn't care too much about our table blocking an exit, as long as no one could come in, opening a door and whacking us with it! Sammy's definitely has a bar feel, with several booths and tables for dining. It is a small space, like a bar, with large tvs all around for some sports watching.

We were worried the burgers wouldn't be "gourmet" really. We were wrong. I'm so glad we waited it out... it was here that I experienced one of the best burgers I've had in Cincy. PJ still thinks the Kobe Beef burger from The Polo Grille was the best he's had, but this was a close 2nd for him. This may be my fave. It was so tender and juicy.... such a thick patty, loaded with toppings. PJ ordered the Sammy's Burger, with comes with Sammy's sauce, fried egg (Yes, please!!), lettuce, tomato, bacon and mozzarella cheese ($9.95). 

Man, sometimes I get some great burger shots. Look at that fried egg, that crisp bacon, that melted oozing cheese, toasted bun, and that plump juicy patty. Go on, look!

I ordered the Guacamole Burger, which comes with chipotle mayo, guac, lettuce, tomato, bacon, and Mexican melting cheese ($9.50). Oh, hi, I love you.

I lifted the bun so you could see the goods. You're welcome.

Look at that guac piled on top. Plus bacon? And cheese? And juicy hand-made patty? Sold! A toasted bun, bacon, and a fresh plump patty are all necessities when it comes to defining the perfect burger. These burgers had it all.

Our burgers came with fries... they were pretty good, but not amazing. They kind of reminded me of the taste of a cheese curd... minus the cheese. You know that fried batter taste of a cheese curd? That's what it reminded me of... which I do like... but next time I'd like to try some of the appetizer fries since they come with toppings.

When (yes WHEN) we go back, I'll try the Shrimp Burger (mango-mayo + pepper jack? I'll take it!), Catfish Burger, Chorizo Burger, Mushroom Burger, and their special Sammy's Burger. And we'll definitely be trying their apps... Jalapeno Bites served with a cilantro ranchero sauce, their Garlic Fries which are beer-battered and covered in garlic and parm cheese, their Fiesta Fries also beer-battered and covered in Mexican melting cheese, guac and salsa, and their Jalapeno Bottle Caps (slices). 

They're also all about the gourmet hot dog. Hot dogs sometimes freak me out, so I don't eat them much. But I'd be willing to try one from here cuz the toppings are fun. They've also got a kid's menu for your little ones. Basically they've got something for everyone... gourmet burgers, sandwiches, apps, salads, soups, wraps, hot dogs... ok that's about it. But it's more than enough. Their burgers are really why you need to come here. They're what's up.

So looks like we've gotta go back a couple more times at least! What, with all those burgers and apps we've gotta try. We will definitely be back, since we both agree that these were indeed gourmet, high-quality burgers. I just wish I could have finished off my gigantic burger. I didn't wanna waste one delicious bite. But it was just too dang big! (that's what she said).

I've read some mixed reviews about the place, many claiming their burgers aren't really "gourmet" or anything special. Well apparently we went on a good day because the burgers were seriously impressive and memorable. On my quest for the best burger in Cincy, Sammy's currently tops my list. I haven't been to Terry's Turf Club yet so that could change. But for now, Sammy should take pride in being at the top :)

Peace, and bacon grease!

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laxsupermom said...

Those are some amazing burger shots - you've got me drooling. Thanks for sharing.

Sunshine - said...

Girl, you are making me hungry! Awesome pics...

Desi said...

@ Sunshine - I'm starving now too cuz it's just about lunch time... drooling thinking about these delish burgers compared to what I have to eat lol.

Chris said...

Both are impressive looking burgers, the patties look to be perfectly cooked and the toppings piled on.

elvina roy said...

Both are impressive looking burgers, the patties look to be perfectly cooked and the toppings piled on. dr crimmy coupons