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October 20, 2011

3 hours? Really?

Just wondering. Does it take anyone else 3 hours to write up a post? Or is that just my slow ass? Cuz I fell asleep early last night, hadn't blogged about my recipe or edited my photos for two cooking challenges, and then woke back up at one in the AM and had to have the post scheduled to publish at 8 AM the next day. I HAD to blog that night at 1:00 AM. But no biggie, I thought. It shouldn't take too long. 3 hours later, yes at 4:00 AM, my post was finally complete. But I had to wake up for work at 7 AM!! Screwed.

Now today I'm surviving off of few hours of sleep. I feel like I'm back in high school or college, pulling late nights to finish an assignment at the last minute. But not exactly because I do actually like blogging and editing photos.

But why the heck did it take me 3 hours to write up a post, edit several photos, and do all of the necessary requirements for two cooking challenges??? That's the part I just don't get. And I'm shaking my head at myself. I highly doubt that it takes anyone 3 hours to write up a post.  I'm still confused why it took me that long.

I guess it's the perfectionist in me? 

Or maybe it's the sluggish, technology-challenged, old lady in me?

Probably the latter.

So I'm guessing my old, slow, tired butt will be passed out at 7 o'clock tonight!!

Just wanted to share and make you guys feel better about yourselves. Because at least you aren't the slowest blogger in the world. That award goes to me  :)

That is all.

Peace, and bacon grease!


laxsupermom said...

It sometimes takes me way, way, way too long to write a post. I blame my poor camera skills and technology in general. Get some rest.

Gerry @Foodness Gracious said...

Dude, I'm the same but it's the pic editing that slows me down, I think I'm just too bloody anal! Also taking on too many cooking challenges is getting tedious for me, I think I'll chill out next month :)
Take care..

Chris said...

Yes, that isn't far off for me. Not counting cooking, it usually takes me
30 minutes food styling
15-30 minutes photography
1/2 to 1 hour post production
1 hour to write the post

So don't feel bad, girl!

Stephanie said...

DO NOT feel bad! I have posts that I started months ago that haven't been published because every time I open the post I get the biggest writer's block.

Faith said...

ha! sometimes it takes forever to draft a blog post ... seriously, with pictures alone that can sometimes take me hours ... you are not alone!

Kristen said...

Yikes! It's times like those that you have to wonder if the post is worth it! (although judging by the yummy dip you made, I am glad you went ahead and sacrificed your sleep!)

Desi said...

@ Stephanie - I have some that I started months ago too... one is a restaurant review and one is a book review. I haven't finished the book yet so that's why I haven't published that one, but I just have no desire to write the restaurant review post lol.