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January 3, 2011

New Year, New Me?

Happy New Year, bloggy buddies!

Just thought I would stop by and wish everyone a great start to 2011! As well as post a few resolutions that I hope to accomplish this year.

- Save more moolah. I have a big problem with this! I feel like we are just getting older and older and need to have our life together. Yes, we own our own house. Yes, we both have jobs and work hard. But that money that I work so hard for just seems to be gone so quickly! And we are always living paycheck to paycheck, struggling to pay bills at times. I want to save in 2011, so we can go on vacations and have more date nights. This leads me to my next resolution....

- Do more. Live more. I was just looking at someone's blog and realized how I am missing out on life. She had pictures of her and her hubby traveling, doing all sorts of things together. PJ and I have been together for 10 years, and been through so much, but many of the things I want to do in life (with him) we haven't done yet. I want to travel with him, explore the world together, do simple things like camping (we have been camping, don't get me wrong), go on a cruise, go overseas, scuba dive, swim with dolphins, parasail (or anything beach-related), take a road trip, go boating, and I'm sure there are a billion other things I can't wait to do with my love  :)

- Blog more. The last two months have not been good blogging-wise. And I love to do it! And I love to keep up on fellow foodie blogs so I hope to make more time for it. That also means posting more, learning how to write better posts, bring in more followers, taking better food photos, and more. I really hope to bake more, since I rarely do. And I also want to make more holiday-themed recipes :)

- Live a healthier lifestyle: that means working out more - in the gym AND taking walks/playing basketball etc. This also means drinking more water, being mindful of my caloric intake, drinking less pop, trying to get in a healthy breakfast, not eating so late, eating out less and cooking at home more.

- Rekindle friendships or make new ones. Be more social. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the life PJ and I have created for ourselves that I don't make enough time for friends.

- Keep on working on improving our house. That means spending money on important house stuff that we need like comforter sets, bed frame and headboard, new blinds etc, instead of spending on clothes and shoes! This also means cleaning more often and learning to enjoy it. This also means being better with decorating our home. I'm supposed to be the woman in the relationship but I HATE to clean, and am not very good when it comes to making a house look cozy like a home. 

Hopefully  2011 will be the year to make these things happen!


Mrs. K said...

What great resolutions. Good luck with them all. I wish you all the best for 2011.

Faith said...

awesome resolutions! i think you can do them all! good luck!

Desi said...

Thanks ladies! with a little motivation and will power I think I can get all (ok some?) of them done.

Happy New Year to you guys!