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November 1, 2010

Menu Planning - Week of 11/1/10

Last week's menu plan didn't go 100% according to plans, but it went well for the first week. None of the meals were eaten on the actual day that I assigned for them. We didn't end up making the  white chicken enchiladas, the horseradish parmesan potatoes, or the sole fillets. I really look forward to making those in the near future! They sound yummy! But anyways, we made everything else... just not on that exact day.

I'm proud of myself! I did this week's menu planning yesterday, went to the grocery store and got everything we needed... all by myself! It didn't take as long as last week either, but still not as fast as I want the process to go. I'm just glad that we are doing it. It means less trips to the grocery store (for the most part, unless we need to get something that should be bought the day of cooking) and it means I don't have to ask myself what we are having for dinner every single day after work. Yay for menu planning!

I tried to use up some items we had such as mushrooms, potatoes, asparagus, and elbow macaroni.  And since we didn't end up making the white chicken enchiladas from last week's menu plan, we will make those this week. These are the meals I came up with....

Tuesday 11/2:  Mexican chicken with jalapeno popper sauce, and rotini

Wednesday 11/3:  Eat out

Thursday 11/4:  French-fried onion chicken tenders with horseradish parmesan potatoes (adapted from this recipe)

Friday = pay day so then I can go grocery shopping again! I had a limited amount of money to spend on groceries this time around so I only made my menu plan up until Friday. I do have a homemade mac and cheese recipe for two to go with whatever main course we decide to have over the weekend.

I am linking up to Menu Plan Monday over at I'm an Organizing Junkie.


Krista said...

Good for you for meal planning! I love knowing what's for dinner and it's even better that I have all of the ingredients ready to last minute trips to the store. You will love that jalapeno popper chicken. I was going through old posts earlier this week and my husband spied the picture over my shoulder. We both agreed that it's time to make that one again!

Hope you're having a wonderful week.

Desi said...

It is going great so far, thanks! We played some tag football yesterday evening and I loved that I had "planned" a day off from cooking to eat out since we would be getting home kind of late. And seeing your menu plans and others' definitely sealed the deal that I need to have that organization in my life!

We are making the mexican chicken tonight. Our Tues and Thurs got switched :)

PS - I am so sore!