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January 1, 2010

Cookbooks I Own


Kim McCallie said...

Thanks for stopping by and following Seems like we have similar interests in cookbooks. I review cookbooks for Gooseberry Patch. I'm scheduled to review the upcoming Christmas book in May (I think) and will be having a giveaway for the book. Please stop by and look for the review next month. Plus, I'll do two more by the end of the year! Great to meet you! Kim

Desi said...

Hey Kim! I am a cookbook hoarder lol! The Borders by my house is closing, so I went there and recently stocked up on some great cookbooks! I just love to see a bookcase full of cookbooks :) How did you get the gig to review Gooseberry Patch cookbooks? I get their emails but have never been offered to review anything, that would be so fun! I'm so excited about your upcoming giveaway for the gooseberry Christmas cookbook... I'll definitely stop by to enter! So nice to meet you too, Kim!