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June 29, 2010

And we're off!

Hello there cooking buddies!

So I decided to start this blog since I LOVE to cook, take pictures of my prized concoctions, critique restaurant food, and modify recipes that I find in cookbooks, on the web, and from other aspiring newbie chefs as well as the masters. Basically I am what some may call a "foodie." But I consider myself a newbie foodie. I have no formal training, have not entered any contests, haven't appeared on any shows or in local newspapers... I am basically just a regular gurl trying to learn, on my own, how to become as good as a chef. I love to eat food, cook food, discuss food, photograph food, and anything else you can do with food! [simmer those vulgar minds!] So I thought, why not bring it to a blog near you?! Stay tuned for what all I am eating and cooking, and embark upon this culinary journey with me!

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