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December 6, 2013

Obsessions + Confessions

Obsessions + Confessions time!!!

Did you all have fantastic Thanksgivings? I did, I did! Busy, but fantastic. We spent Thanksgiving day eating yummy food at my mama's house. Then Friday I met up with some grade school friends :) Always fun. Saturday we had another Thanksgiving dinner at PJ's mom's house. Again, yum. She's the best cook! Sunday I made my own little Thanksgiving dinner of Roasted Turkey Breast, Creamy Cranberry Salad, Stuffing Muffins, and No-Drippings Onion Gravy. It all turned out delicious! I wish I had gotten better pics. Maybe I'll post recipes next Thanksgiving :)

Are you still in turkey mode? Have some leftover turkey in the freezer? Get your turkey AND pumpkin fix with these Turkey Melts with Caramelized Onions and Spicy Pumpkin Mayo

Caramelized Onions, mushrooms, apples, and gruyere cheese all in one bite? Ok maybe two. Sold. 

Not quite ready to let go of fall yet, especially with these Mini Caramel Apple Pies

Ever since a coworker let me try some straight-from-KY Apple Pie Moonshine, I've loved all apple-flavored alcoholic beverages, including my current fave beer, Angry Orchard  Ciders. These homemade Apple Spice Cocktails? Yessssss.

Apparently I'm really feelin caramel apple right now. Doesn't the photo for these No Bake Salted Caramel Apple Cheesecake in a Jar make you wanna lick your screen?? 

How can you make a pound cake even better? Add apple bits to the batter and then drench it in caramel. Ok done.

Ok, one more before I switch to Christmas mode. This Harvest Cobb Salad is everything.

Time for Christmas! I love these Rosemary Wreath Place Cards for your holiday parties and gatherings! So creative.

Is this real life right now? Crusted baked cheese as a pizza crust??!?! Topped with shrimp and mushrooms?!?! This can't be real life.

This Cheesy Biscuit Topped Chicken Pot Pie is the perfect comfort food and definitely going on a dinner plan soon.

I'm praying for lots of snow so my Saturday classes get canceled. Don't judge me!  

R.I.P. Nelson Mandela! May your message live on.

Peace, and bacon grease!

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Chris said...

I always feel like I am short changed if we don't get at least two Thanksgivings a year :)