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July 12, 2011

Menu Planning - Week of 7/11/11

I'm a day late on the menu plan again, people. Do you really care? Lol. So happy Tuesday! I did have a nice Monday though. My love came up near my work for a lunch date at Zola's Pub and Grill. We ate outdoors and enjoyed the nice weather, some tasty chunky cajun smothered fries, and a not-so-tasty burger. But I'll review on that another time. Lunch dates always make the day seem so much better.

Monday 7/11/11:  (we had) KFC

Tuesday 7/12/11:   Rosemary Ranch Chicken Kabobs with marinated, grilled veggies

Wednesday 7/13/11: 
dinner at Sue's 

Friday 7/15/11:  City BBQ - I have a coupon!

Saturday 7/16/11:  PJ works late, that means Dominos pizza or I eat alone!

Did you guys notice that I actually planned 7 days worth of meals?! Granted the majority of the days are eating out, but still at least I planned where to eat out lol! Usually I stop at Friday, but I figured I'll plan for the weekend too! Maybe I will start doing that more often... 

And I'm not going to link up anywhere, since this is coming on a Tuesday anyway plus I don't think it helps at all. 

Peace, and bacon grease! 


Chris said...

I'll be over on Sunday, what time?

I LOVE white bbq sauce on chicken. The best chicken I ever had was when Chris Lilly (Big Bob Gibsons - originator of the white sauce) made it at a bbq class I was in.

I've made 3 different varieties of the sauce and still don't know which I like the best. This was one of them.

Katie said...

I love planning meals! A little dorky, but fun. :)

No Raisins on My Parade said...

I have tried that Rosemary Ranch chicken recipe from All Recipes too! I baked chicken breasts instead of grilling kabobs and it was fabulous! My version is here: http://www.noraisinsonmyparade.com/2011/06/grilled-rosemary-ranch-chicken.html



Desi said...

@ Chris - I replied to you by email :)

@ Katie - It is fun! Plus I used to hate getting off work and not knowing what to cook! Now it's all planned out for me. And even if I don't follow it exactly, it helps :)

@ No Raisins - We just had it last night and it was tasty! I don't know that it tasted strongly of ranch or rosemary, but the chicken was flavorful and tender.

LaTisha said...

I have to ask, how do you have the pop up window for your comments?

Joanne said...

Mango lime bbq sauce?!?!? Sounds delicious!

Desi said...

@ LaTisha - I just went to my blogger settings, clicked on comments, then under Comment Form Placement I clicked on the "pop-up window" option. Hope this helps! I didn't have an email address to reply to, sorry :)

@ Joanne - I know right?! That sounds AMAZING! I can't wait for tonight!

Jen (emeraldsunshine.org) said...

I have never heard of white barbecue sauce! How interesting! I look forward to trying it. Thanks Desi.